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Wooden Circles For Crafts: Creative Project Ideas For The Whole Family

Wooden Circles For Crafts: Creative Project Ideas For The Whole Family
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Wooden Circles For Crafts: Creative Project Ideas For The Whole Family

You might think wooden circles are pretty basic at first glance, but they hold the potential for so many creative crafting projects. They can also form the basis of crafts for people of all ages, so no one ever needs to feel left out. This is very important if there are members of your household who may feel less comfortable with painting, crafting, or creating DIY decor in general. So, are you ready to learn more about wooden crafting circles that you can decorate with the whole family? Then let’s get started!

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Crafting with unfinished wood circles

Crafting with unfinished wood circles is a great way to bring creativity, productivity, and fun into your home, all at the same time. These versatile pieces are completely blank (aside from their natural Baltic birchwood aesthetic) and waiting for you to incorporate your unique designs and ideas. The finished product can work on its own as a gift or decoration, or it can be used as part of something much bigger. We’ll get into just some of the many directions you can go with your own round wood circles, and we’ll also cover some ideas that work for different members of your family.

Round wood crafting ideas by age

Finding crafting projects that make the whole family feel included can be a challenge. This is especially true if you — or someone else in the family — are a seasoned crafter, while others are just dipping their toes in for the first time. Fortunately, crafting with wooden circles is an activity that can be enjoyed by all age groups. From simple projects for kids to more complex creations for adults, there’s an idea or design for everyone. Wooden crafting circles are simple enough for people of virtually any skill set, ensuring that your entire family can jump on board with ease.

In the next few sections, we’ll help you get some inspo for your own wooden circle crafting projects!

Wooden circle crafting ideas for kids

Kids tend to love hands-on activities, and wooden circles are perfect for getting the wheels of their imaginations turning. Plus, simple and fun projects can help develop their fine motor skills while also helping them express and explore their creativity.

Before we look at some of our favorite wooden circle crafting ideas for kids, it’s important to remember that children can have a wide range of skills and experience when it comes to crafting. Many kids between the ages of 5 and 12 will want to take part in crafting activities that are just challenging enough to keep them focused, but not so challenging that the crafting feels like a chore. Here are a few ideas that are a bit easier but still incorporate themes that can be a blast for younger kids:

  • Animal faces - Let your kids paint and decorate wooden circles to create cute animal faces. You can add extra materials to make the faces even more fun and lifelike, such as googly eyes, felt ears, and “fur” made of string or yarn.
  • Puzzle pieces - Have your kids paint or draw a picture with markers on a large wood circle, then cut the circle into smaller puzzle pieces. Once the paint is dry and the pieces have been cut and mixed up, your kids can enjoy re-assembling their custom-made puzzle.
  • Hanging ornaments - With just a bit of paint, string, and a theme for the occasion, your kids can create beautiful hanging ornaments for any season or holiday. Not only do these serve a functional purpose in the home, but they can also make great gifts for friends, grandparents, and teachers.

Wooden circle crafting ideas for teens

Generally, teenagers are ready for more of a challenge than younger kids. Despite their simplicity, wooden circles can still be the perfect medium for teens to express their individuality and create some truly unique and unforgettable art. Here are a few wooden circle crafting ideas we like for teenagers:

  • Personalized wall art - With paint, stencils, markers, or other decorative materials, teens can create their own wall art to customize their rooms, lockers, or other personal spaces.
  • Picture frames - After decorating a round wood piece to their liking, your teen can add a touch of glue or Mod Podge to the center of the circle and attach their favorite photo to create a flat picture frame.
  • Memo boards - Is your teen serious about academics? Then let them attach some cork or a magnetic sheet to the surface of the wooden circle. This way, they can use it to pin notes and reminders about homework, tests, and school activities.

Wooden circle crafting ideas for adults

Like kids and teens, adults can have a wide range of skill sets when it comes to crafting! But if you love all things DIY, you probably have some experience with crafted decorations. Regardless of where you fall on the crafting spectrum, here are a few wooden circle crafting ideas for you:

  • Cheese boards - Want to impress guests? Turn a large wooden circle into a customized cheese board! If you want a pop of color, just remember to use a food-safe paint and finish.
  • Wine glass markers - It’s not always easy to think of ideas for small wooden circle crafts. One idea we like is wine glass markers. Before your guests come over, you can paint or engrave each circle with their name or a special design or insignia, then attach it to each wine glass stem with a small ring.
  • Garden markers - If you love to combine crafting with a green thumb, round wood circles are a great option! You can easily attach these to garden stakes to mark different herbs or plants in your home garden.

Crafting ideas for the whole family

While we’ve covered a ton of great ideas for different age groups, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to enjoy wooden circle crafting as an entire family. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get everyone working together on wooden circle crafting projects that are simple enough for beginners and complex enough for more advanced crafters. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Holiday decorations - Make holiday crafting a family tradition by creating circular decorations as a family. Wooden circles can be used as ornaments, DIY wreaths, and festive signs to be enjoyed every single year.
  • Family tree art - Want to decorate an entire wall or board with your family tree? If so, you can make individual wooden circles with each person’s name and image, and then attach them to a 2D family tree design.
  • Oversized game pieces - From tic-tac-toe to checkers, there are tons of ways to use large wood circles as oversized game pieces. These are perfect for outdoor barbecues or even indoor family fun on a rainy day!

And there you have it! Now you’re equipped with plenty of ideas to get your next family crafting project underway. We hope that these ideas fill your home with warmth and plenty of family-friendly fun!

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