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Spring Crafts Guide

Spring Crafts Guide
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Spring Crafts Guide

Now that spring is upon us once again, it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for the season. The great thing about spring crafts is that they aren’t just limited to home decor. You can make spring crafts for kids' toys, prepare them as DIY gifts for adults, and even have them ready for special events like Easter or birthday parties. From spring arts and crafts to decorating, Woodpeckers has everything you need to start the season on the right foot!

But if you just need a little extra “inspo” this spring, you probably have a few questions (and we can help answer them!). For example, what are the best crafts for spring? What are some easy spring crafts for kids and adults? Lastly, where can you find quality wood spring cutouts this year?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!

Spring craft ideas

As they say, “April showers bring May flowers,” which means that spring can be filled with a wide range of settings — from rainy mornings to bright and sunny afternoons! And with rain boot cutouts and standing wooden mushrooms, there are tons of ways to use Baltic birchwood designs to jumpstart your next project.

If you’re feeling uninspired, we always recommend thinking about the changes that take place during spring. The cold of winter is swept away by warmer, brighter days. Plants and trees are brought back to life with green leaves and flowers. Animals come out and enjoy the sunshine and green grass. It’s a time of renewal and fresh beginnings for the year!

Now that you’ve got some themes in mind, let’s take a look at some specific wooden cutouts that work perfectly for the spring season!

Wood flower cutouts

Flowers are probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of spring. They’re a colorful, fragrant, and beautiful sign of life! Here are a few of our favorite wood flower (and flower-adjacent) cutouts to try out in spring!

Spring flower cutouts

You can go in a lot of different directions with spring flower cutouts. You can choose a chunky flower cutout that only shows the petals. This is a good fit for children’s arts and crafts. With a little bit of paint and a brush, your kids can create beautiful spring flowers of pink, purple, blue, or whatever they’re imagination desires. Once it’s finished, you get all the beauty of a flower without all the watering and upkeep!

Tall flower cutouts

If you want something a bit closer to the real-life look of a flower, you might want a taller option that includes the stem, leaves, and petals. Tall flower cutouts might take a little more work to decorate (and a few more colors), but they can make great additions to your home and even work well as DIY gifts for loved ones!

Tulip cutouts

Tulips are often a symbol of love, which makes wooden tulip cutouts a great addition to home decor. You can hang them in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere in your home where you want to show off the love and spirit of the season. Plus, the shape of tulips is unique and very recognizable, so you can mix and match more “traditional” flower cutouts with your tulips to create an entire pretend flower garden!

Watering can cutouts

While watering cans are not flowers (obviously), they are a popular addition to flower and spring-themed decorations. You can add a wooden watering can cutout to your indoor garden area to serve as a sign, or even arrange and decorate it so that the watering can looks like it's pouring water on your flower cutouts. We love this idea for children’s bedrooms or anywhere in the house where you’d like to add a touch of fun and nature!

Flower pots

At Woodpeckers, we have TONS of unique flower pot designs and cutouts so that you can customize the spring decor or gifts to your liking. Whether you want fully functional wooden flower pots for indoor gardening, flower pot cutouts for a two-dimensional garden, or a half flower pot for wall decor and other vertical displays, we have what you’re looking for! We even have standing flower pots that you can set on your coffee table without an additional cutout stand.

Wood creature cutouts

Already have a lot of plants in your home? Looking for something a little more lively or animal-themed? Not a problem! There are plenty of animal, insect, and even mythical creature cutouts to choose from in our spring shop. Let’s take a look at some of our personal favorites in the sections below!

Lamb cutouts

Is there anything cuter or more precious than a lamb? We don’t think so! Lambs are gentle animals that are often kept indoors during the harsh winter. Spring is a time when they can roam freely and enjoy the warmer weather. While you may not be able to bring out real lambs in the springtime, you can easily decorate a nursery or children’s playroom with our cute wooden lamb cutouts!

Bird nest cutouts

Another sign of spring is the sound and beauty of songbirds. If you’d love to make birds a part of your indoor decor or you’d like to gift a beautiful display to someone close to you, we recommend our bird nest cutout. From a crafting standpoint, this may take a little more expertise and a gentle touch to paint and decorate, but the final product will be worth the effort!

Butterfly cutouts

Butterflies typically emerge in spring, making them another staple and symbol of the season. Butterfly wings come in many different colors and designs, which gives you even more freedom to paint, glitter, and decorate your wooden butterfly cutout in unique ways. That said, you can’t go wrong with some of the colors of the season, like pink, purple, and yellow!


Like butterflies, ladybugs are a cute and fun sign that spring has sprung! Wooden ladybugs are a great addition to kitchens, indoor gardens or patios, kid’s rooms, or anywhere in the house that needs a pop of color. You can always go with the traditional ladybug colors (red bodies with black spots), or you can get creative and give your ladybug cutouts new and interesting color combos! At Woodpeckers, we offer both half ladybugs that you can hang on walls and doorways and round ladybugs that can be made into toys or used in nature scene displays.


Gnomes may not be real creatures, but they can add a bit of fun mythology to your home! You’ve probably seen garden gnomes popping up as winter comes to a close and people start tending to their gardens again. Even if you don’t have a garden with real plants, you can decorate your home or indoor garden display with our wooden gnome cutouts! And even if you want something a little more three-dimensional, you can opt for one of our wooden gnome peg dolls. These can be used as game pieces, toys, display items, or just springtime coffee table decorations. The choice is yours!

Did you enjoy our spring crafts guide? Be sure to check out our wooden spring crafts shop to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!