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Wooden Flower Cutouts Guide

Wooden Flower Cutouts Guide
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Wooden Flower Cutouts Guide

Flowers offer us such a beautiful celebration of life and natural beauty, but it’s not always easy to keep real flowers in the house. Perhaps you have allergies or you simply don’t have a green thumb; either way, you might want to find a way to bring the beauty of flowers into your home without all the dirt and pollen! This is where wood flower cutouts can really come in handy.

Unfinished wood flower cutouts are perfect for crafters and DIYers, especially if you want to create a specific aesthetic or color theme. Wooden flower cutouts also give you a lot more ways to create a wooden garden to display on your kitchen windowsill, fireplace mantel, coffee table, or virtually anywhere in your home. Wooden flower cutouts can also be decorated and hung on doors and walls throughout the home or classroom. They even make great gifts and keepsakes for your loved ones!

But if you’re new to crafting or just haven’t worked with wooden flower cutouts before, you probably have a lot of questions. For instance, what types of wooden flower cutouts are best for crafting? Which flowers work best for different occasions or seasons? How should you decorate unfinished wooden flower cutouts? Finally, where can you find high-quality wooden nature and flower cutouts at affordable prices?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!

Types of wooden flower cutouts

There are hundreds of thousands of different flower types in existence, but not all of them translate well to wooden cutouts. This is partly because many flowers have very similar shapes, so it’s not always possible to make the two-dimensional profiles distinguishable from one another. Fortunately, painting and decorating are great ways to make each flower your own! That said, at Woodpeckers, we focus on some of the most popular flower shapes and types, as well as more general flowers that can be fashioned with unique colors and ornaments. This means that if you shop at Woodpeckers, you’re sure to find the perfect wooden flower cutout for your next project!

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of our personal favorites and explore how these types of flowers can be used as crafted decorations.


The sunflower is one of the most recognizable types of flowers on the planet. Its large, round center is occupied by thousands of brown or orange florets, while the exterior features pointed, bright-yellow petals. There are also many different types of sunflowers that offer color variations, ranging from creamy white to red. However, if you love sunflowers and you want to make sure that they’re not mistaken for any other flower type, you can’t go wrong with the classic brown and yellow!

If you choose the stemless sunflower cutout, you can easily incorporate a message in the center. These are great for hanging on or near entryways. The beautiful colors and a funny or cheerful message like “I Be-Leaf In You!” or “Handpicked With Love” make a great impression on guests and immediately brighten the environment. Even if you don’t want to use a message, you can decorate various rooms in your home with a stemmed sunflower in a pot.

Round-Petal flower

The sunflower is hard to mix up with other flower types, but if you want something with a bit more stylistic flexibility, a classic round-petal flower cutout is a great option. Not only can you use the colors that fit your particular tastes or the aesthetic of your home decor, but you can also choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. At Woodpeckers, we offer stemless five-petal flowers that are great for hanging or standing decorations, as well as chunky flower variations that can create a much stronger three-dimensional effect.

Like the sunflower, you might also prefer a more “complete” look that features the flower petals, stem, and flower pot. Our stemmed 10-petal potted flower cutout gives you another way to bring plants into your home without all the maintenance (or the mess). One of our cutout stands makes it even easier to adorn bookshelves, tables, or other horizontal surfaces with your beautiful flower crafts. If you want to create the flowers on your own using different materials (like crafting paper), you can use one of our flower pot cutouts as a standing or hanging base.


The tulip is another very recognizable flower shape. And like our standard round-petal cutouts, the tulip works well with a wide variety of colors. If you find tulips out in nature, their petals may feature red, yellow, white, pink, and orange. This gives you a lot of creative space to paint or decorate your wooden stemmed tulip cutout as you see fit!


If you want a more detailed flower and a symbol of romantic love, rose cutouts are the answer. The classic red or pink colors work best, but you can decorate these highly elaborate cutouts with a range of colors and materials. And if you want to make a really beautiful and interesting coaster, our rose silhouette cutouts can become your next functional conversation pieces!

Garden scene

Naturally, you may not want to just hang or display one flower cutout in your home. Instead, you might prefer to combine multiple flower cutouts and flower types to create an entire garden scene. This is a great way to show off a beautiful exhibit of your crafting abilities. At Woodpeckers, we offer premade garden scenes for Easter, but you can also mix and match the flower and nature cutouts of your choice to make something for any holiday or season!

How to decorate wood flower cutouts

There’s no one correct way to decorate wood flower cutouts. You can generally choose the materials, colors, and designs that work best for you. That said, we’ve been crafting with wood for years, and if you want to get the best-looking results, here are a few ways to do it:

  • Paint - Acrylic and watercolor paints are two of our favorite options for decorating wooden flower cutouts. This gives you full creative control to bring each flower to life with your preferred colors. This can also help you turn standard flower shapes into specific types of flowers to suit your tastes.
  • Staining - Staining is a bit more limited than painting, but it is a good way to decorate flower cutouts if you want them to retain some of their natural wooden aesthetic. This can give each flower cutout a deep, rich look that doesn’t require bright coloration.
  • Decoupage - Decoupage is a great way to really flex your crafting skills with a combination of materials. Colorful paper will form the base of your project, and you can cut and configure the pieces to create unique designs for each cutout.
  • Glitter - Lastly, if you really want your flowers to shine, don’t be afraid to break out the glue and colored glitter! This is a great way to draw even more attention to your creations as they sparkle in the light.

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