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Wooden Animal Cutout Guide

Wooden Animal Cutout Guide
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Wooden Animal Cutout Guide

Animals are a great way to get into DIY crafting; they’re fun, adorable, and appealing to people of all ages! Whether you’re decorating your home or looking for fun crafting activities for kids, wood cutouts of animals can give you a perfect jumping-off point. All you need are some unfinished wood animal cutouts, a few art supplies, and your imagination!

In today’s guide, we’re going to take a closer look at some of our personal favorites and help you find the perfect animal-shaped cutouts for your next project!

Domestic & farm animal cutouts

Want to give your home a rustic appeal? Or perhaps you’d like to decorate your child’s bedroom with cute cats and dogs? Either way, Woodpeckers has you covered with our domestic and farm animal cutouts! You certainly won’t find any fantasy animals like unicorns or extinct species like dinosaurs in this list, but if you want something that already fits well in a home environment, these animal cutouts could be the perfect fit.


Who doesn’t love puppies? They’re playful and fuzzy and a joy to have around. Our wooden puppy cutouts give you an easy way to bring little dogs into your home — without all the mess!


Wooden rabbit cutouts are a great way to decorate for spring and Easter, but they also make playful crafts for kids’ spaces. Want to make your child’s toy room even more fun? Help them decorate a cute bunny rabbit and hang it on the door!


While you can work a wooden squirrel cutout into just about any season, we think it’s a perfect fit for summer or autumn decor. You can even throw in some acorn cutouts to really tie the theme together!


Who says you need a house full of cats to infuse some feline energy? If you’re choosing among different wood animal cutouts, our collection of wood cat cutouts could be the purrrfect solution!


You may not want to be woken up at the crack of dawn by an actual rooster, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a touch of farm living into your home! A wooden rooster cutout can be displayed in kitchens, sitting areas, or even dining areas to introduce farm living to your interior design.


There are few things sweeter or more precious than a baby lamb. While these beautiful animals are typically seen in farms and rural areas, you can still live in the city and have fun with wood lamb cutouts. We love lamb cutouts for baby rooms or Easter-themed displays anywhere in the home.

Birds & flying animal cutouts

The great thing about bird crafts (as well as crafts using other flying animals) is that they can be utilized with a wide range of themes. Whether you want to add a bit of character to your spring or autumn decorations, or you want something colorful and fun for summer or winter, there’s a flying animal cutout for you!


Designing wood turkey cutouts can be a great family activity in autumn, particularly in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Once you're done, you can proudly display your family creations or even use them as holiday gifts for friends!


Butterflies are all about color, so if you want to add new and interesting colors to your decor, wood butterfly cutouts offer the perfect canvas for you to express your creativity and crafting skills.


Bats may not be your flying creature of choice when you want cheerful decor, but you couldn’t ask for better small wood animal cutouts once Halloween comes around. Wood bat cutouts are particularly good to combine with wood spider cutouts to set a spooky vibe for trick-or-treaters!


With their beautiful pink coloration, flamingos are the natural stars of the show! While you don’t have to decorate your wood flamingo cutouts with pink, they do give you a great palate for neon colors. Whether you use them in your own home or gift your flamingo crafts to a loved one, they will surely brighten up any space!


Much like bats, ravens are often associated with a darker mood. Not all small wooden animal cutouts need to be bright and cheerful! For this reason, we recommend a wood raven cutout for Halloween or any time of the year when you want to enjoy a spooky aesthetic.


Owls are very versatile, as you can give them a more realistic design or something cartoonish and kid-friendly. We recommend wood owl cutouts for classroom or nursery room decor.


Want to have a bird design in mid-flight? Or perhaps you’d like to make a patriotic display for your home? Either way, Woodpeckers has what you need with our wood eagle cutout!

Under the sea creature cutouts

What better way to bring the beach and ocean to your home than wooden “under the sea” creatures? Check out some of our favorite sea creature cutouts in the sections below!


Wood crab cutouts are one of the more flexible cutout options, as they can work for beach-themed rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and fun displays for children. They also make it easy to add a pop of red or pink color to your home!


There are a lot of different creative directions you can go with wooden fish cutouts. Standard fish cutouts are great for kitchens or dining areas, while dolphin or shark cutouts can be used for ocean-themed displays and playrooms.


Wood starfish cutouts are both easy to decorate and perfect when you want interesting shapes that still bring nature into your home. It’s easy to get your kids involved in the crafting process with starfish, and they can be hung or displayed just about anywhere to showcase one of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures.


The wood seahorse cutout is another classic animal cutout that you might see in seafood restaurants, classrooms, playrooms, and beach houses. Combining seahorses with starfish and seashell cutouts also allows you to create a truly amazing ocean or beach aesthetic.

Zoo animal cutouts

Zoo animals offer something a bit more exotic, which is particularly good for children’s crafting projects or decorating spaces just for kids. Whether you want a safari animal theme or an Antarctica-inspired crafting project, we’ve got a couple of great options!


Few jungle animals are more popular than elephants. The profile of an elephant is recognizable by kids of virtually all ages, so a wood elephant cutout is perfect for decorating nurseries and playrooms.


Penguins are almost exclusively associated with cold places, which is why wood penguin cutouts are a great choice for winter decor. When you can’t bring your family to Antarctica, bring a bit of Antarctica to your family!


Sloths are a beloved animal that works well to create a rainforest or jungle-themed atmosphere. Decorating a wood sloth cutout with realistic colors may take a little more nuance, but if you’re not as confident in your crafting skills, you can keep the unfinished wood look, apply a wood finish, or use add-ons and flourishes to create the aesthetic you want.


Lastly, geckos are fun lizards that can also be added to jungle animal or rainforest animal displays. However you choose to decorate your home, you can add a wide range of natural colors and designs to your wood gecko cutouts to really make them your own!

Did you enjoy our wooden animal cutout guide? Be sure check out our wooden animal and nature crafts shop to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!