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Greek Paddle's - A Guide For Decorative Fraternity & Sorority Paddles

Greek Paddle's - A Guide For Decorative Fraternity & Sorority Paddles
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Greek Paddle's - A Guide For Decorative Fraternity & Sorority Paddles

Greek paddles offer a unique blend of tradition, artistry, craftsmanship, and fraternity or sorority pride. These keepsakes are far more than just pieces of wood — they are each fascinating items that hold symbolic and personal value. Have you ever walked into a fraternity or sorority house and admired the beautifully adorned paddles on display? Have you wondered about the stories behind each one, or perhaps been inspired to purchase and decorate your own? If so, you’re in the right place!

In today’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at Greek wooden paddles, including what they are, how they are used, and — perhaps most importantly — how to decorate them to showcase your fraternity or sorority pride. So, let’s get started!

What is a Greek paddle?

Greek paddles, sometimes known as “fraternity paddles” or “sorority paddles,” are iconic images associated with Greek life on college campuses throughout the United States. Most often made of wood, Greek paddles are typically decorated with letters from the Greek alphabet, school mottos, or other symbols or messages of importance to the organization. Today, Greek paddles are passed down to new members or displayed in a fraternity or sorority house as items of historical significance.

Even though many people assume that “frat paddles” are a relatively new part of American college culture, they actually date back to the earliest days of Greek organizations in the late 18th century. Over the years, these paddles were closely linked to “passing of the torch” ceremonies, in which older members would symbolically pass the responsibility of maintaining the organization on to future generations.

Today, the Greek paddle stands as a token of camaraderie among members of the same fraternity or sorority. It also serves as an important part of “big/little” rituals, in which the older member (“big”) is assigned as the mentor of a younger member (“little”). During these events, paddles may be exchanged and decorated with nicknames, Greek letters, or even quotes that hold a special meaning to either person.

How to decorate a Greek paddle

Since there is so much meaning bestowed on Greek paddles, it’s important to put a lot of thought into the decorations and designs you use. Even if you do not intend to give the paddle to someone else, you may still wish to display it proudly. Therefore, decorating your paddle in a way that reflects fond memories or messages can help you hold on to its true symbolic meaning.

And if you’re new to crafting or you’re struggling with the actual decorating part, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Plan Your Design - Don’t whip out the paint and craft supplies until you have a clear vision in mind of what you want to do. Ideally, you should try to sketch out your ideas on paper first. Some common designs include Greek letters, the recipient’s name, or an inspirational quote. That said, you can apply just about any design that holds special meaning to you or your Greek house!
  • Prep Your Paddle - Make sure that your paddle is clean and free of debris. With unfinished wooden panels, you shouldn’t need to use sandpaper, as the surface is already quite smooth and ready to decorate. Nonetheless, it’s best to make sure that the surface of your paddle is ready to have paint or other decorations applied.
  • Paint or Apply Decorative Items - Learning how to paint a Greek paddle is not as hard as it sounds. Good acrylic paint is often the best choice for wood paddles. You can usually apply just one coat and wait for it to dry to see the finished product. And for those who want to avoid the mess of traditional paint, paint markers are a great alternative. Even if you prefer not to use paint or paint markers, you can acquire premade Greek letters, flowers, or other decorations and attach them to the paddle with hot glue.

Sorority paddle ideas

The experiences and traditions of sororities often differ drastically from those of fraternities. So, to help you showcase the bonds you have with your fellow sisters, here are a few ideas for decorating sorority paddles:

  • Sorority Crest - Your sorority crest is a symbol of your organization and a great way to give the paddle greater significance.
  • Inspirational Quotes - Is there a quote that you or the recipient of the paddle love? If so, paint it onto your paddle!
  • Sparkling Designs - Glitter, rhinestones, or other sparkly craft items can help your paddle stand out from the rest.

Fraternity paddle ideas

While many of the ideas for sorority paddles can also be used for fraternity paddles, here are a few more ideas to help get you started:

  • Fraternity Colors - Painting the colors of your fraternity on a paddle is one of the easiest ways to make its meaning shine through, even if you’re not all that experienced with crafting.
  • Funny Memories - Do you share a funny memory with one of your fraternity brothers? If so, you can add a message or visual reference that will always remind you of the hilarious event.
  • Important Dates - Consider writing the date you or the recipient joined the fraternity, graduated, or experienced another major life event together.

How to hang Greek paddles

More often than not, Greek paddles are used for decorative purposes. They might be used as part of certain ceremonies while you’re in school, but after you graduate, they become important keepsakes that will remind you of your college days. Rather than keeping them stowed away in a dusty storage bin, you should hang your Greek paddle with pride! But if you’re worried about damaging your paddle in the process, we understand. So, here are a few steps to help you hang your paddle securely:

  1. Find the Hanging Spot - Decide exactly where you want to hang your paddle before you proceed. When you’re ready, draw a small dot on the wall where the screw(s) will go. You may need to apply more than one dot, depending on the hanging method you choose (more on that below).
  2. Break Out the Screws - At the point you've marked, screw a traditional screw or eye screw into the wall. You can hang the paddle directly on the screw, in which case you should make sure that the hole is the correct size to accommodate the width of the screw.
  3. (Optional) Hang With Two Screws - If you don’t want to use the hole to hang your paddle, you can use two eye screws on either side of the handle (at the thinnest point) to hold the paddle in place. Just keep in mind that this method may result in wear and tear if you plan to remove the paddle from the wall frequently.

If you’re not keen on using screws, you can opt for standard nails. But remember that using a hammer in close proximity to your paddle could risk damaging or breaking it. So, always be careful when you’re hanging such a precious item!

Did you enjoy our Greek paddles guide? Be sure to check out our wood paddles shop to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!