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Valentines Day Wood Craft Guide

Valentines Day Wood Craft Guide
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Valentines Day Wood Craft Guide

Every year, many couples feel anxious about what they should get their significant other for Valentines Day. While a lavish purchase may impress some, most people want something that shows your love — and homemade Valentines gifts are a great solution! Even if you’re not a DIY expert, you can still find amazing Valentines Day Crafts to decorate and make your own. In today’s guide, we’re specifically going to look at Valentines Day wood projects that you can present to that special someone on February 14th. So, let’s get started!

Simple Valentines Day craft ideas

You don’t need to roll out a giant “I Love You” sign the size of a house to get your message across. In fact, Valentines Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the simple joys and pleasures of love. You can make some genuinely awesome Valentines gifts without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat. You just need to put a little thought and effort into your creation. In the sections below, we’ll take a look at some of our personal favorite Valentines Day gifts that just about anyone can make!

Wood heart cutouts

If you shop at Woodpeckers, you know that we have wood cutouts of all shapes and sizes. Our wood heart cutouts are especially popular for Valentines Day crafting, as they are easy to adorn with a wide array of messages, images, and colorful designs. Want to add tiny heart embellishments to a photo album? Try out our teeny tiny half-inch miniature wooden heart cutouts. Want to create a hanging ornament or something that you can decorate with a picture of you and your loved one? Try out one of our larger heart cutouts or a heart cutout with a small hole for easy hanging.

Love wood cutouts

A heart is the classic symbol of love, but if you want to be a bit more direct with your message of love to your significant other, why not just spell it out for them? We offer multiple wooden cutouts with the word “LOVE” in a variety of styles and sizes. You can paint or decorate your LOVE cutout and gift it as a bookend or as hanging wall art or a door hanger to always keep a message of love in your home. Our 12” x 12” LOVE cutout is especially popular, as it resembles the iconic sculpture in Philadelphia’s LOVE Park!

Wood flower cutouts

Real flowers are great, but they only last for so long. Even if they look and smell great on Valentines Day, it’s a little depressing when you inevitably have to throw them out or, if you’re lucky, manage to dry and press them in time to preserve the memory forever. Wood flower cutouts require way less maintenance, even if you do need to do a little painting and decorating to make them look just right. Like heart cutouts, wood flower cutouts also give you a blank canvas on which you can express your love and creativity. Our 7” wood flower cutout is perfect as a Valentines Day gift that can also serve as a mantle or coffee table display year-round.

Unique Valentines Day crafts

So you want to create something really special this year. You want to wow your partner or crush with a truly unique Valentines Day gift that took time, effort, thought, and creativity to make, right? Well, fortunately, we’ve got plenty of great wood cutouts to consider! If you’re a more experienced crafter or you simply want a Valentines gift idea that goes beyond flowers or saying “I love you,” here are a few of our favorite options:

Key & heart combo cutouts

A heart is a symbol of love on its own, but if you really want to step up the romance this Valentines Day, you can’t go wrong with the combination of a wooden key cutout and a wooden heart keyhole cutout. It’s like telling your significant other that they have the key to your heart! Not only is it sweet, but it’s a beautiful combination of wooden cutouts that can be decorated in red (to match the holiday) or any combination of colors you like!

Double swan heart

The double swan is a beautiful image that has been around for ages. When two swans kiss, their unique necks form the shape of a heart. Our jumbo double swan wooden cutout captures the beauty of this natural phenomenon and gives you the opportunity to decorate it as you see fit. Of course, if you want to go for realism, you can paint the swans white with black or gray faces and orange bills, but as with any Valentines Day gift idea, you can always get creative and find ways to make your gift truly unique to yourself and the recipient!

Love bird cutout

We really love wooden love bird cutouts because 1) they’re adorable, and 2) they’re extremely versatile. You can use their natural wood color if you want to keep things simple, or you can decorate them with paint, glitter, bows, ribbons, and so much more! Our love bird cutouts feature holes so that they can double as napkin holders or even “messenger” birds that hold a romantic note to your loved one!

Ideas for decorating Valentines Day crafts

If you’re a seasoned crafter, you probably already have a few ideas up your sleeve about what you want to do with your Valentines Day crafts. Even if you’re not, don’t stress, because we’ve got you covered! Check out some of our best ideas for decorating wooden Valentines Day crafts this year:

  • Paint - Painting is by far the most common way to decorate your wooden cutouts for Valentines Day. Even if you’re not an expert painter, you can decorate your cutouts with red, pink, or a blend of complementary colors.
  • Decoupage - Don’t want to do all of the designs on your own? Then decoupage is the perfect solution! Simply find paper with the theme or design you like and adhere it to your wood cutout.
  • Glitter - Covering your entire Valentines Day cutout in glitter may not be everyone’s style, but it can make a splash when your significant other opens the gift for the first time! If you don’t want to go too over-the-top with the glitter, you can always use smaller amounts as a fun way to add shine to your gift.
  • Photos - Transferring special memories onto wood is a great way to ensure that your gift will hold special meaning for you and your significant other. Putting Mod Podge on a printed image is usually the easiest method and creates the best results.
  • Ribbons - If you have cutouts without holes or room to tie ribbons, this can be an excellent way to add little adornments without affecting the underlying wood in any way. If you don’t add holes, a little bit of adhesive is all you need to attach beautiful ribbons to your Valentines craft.
  • Fabric - Lastly, fabrics like felt or suede can make great additions as bows or other embellishments to add personal flair to your Valentines Day gift!

Did you enjoy our Valentines Day wood craft guide? Be sure to let us know in the comments and check out our Valentines Day wood craft shop to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!